The 2016 Trail Cam Hit List Is Up! - Hadley Creek Outfitters The 2016 Trail Cam Hit List Is Up! - Hadley Creek Outfitters

This summer’s trail cam pictures have begun to roll in, and it’s time to start the 2016 Hadley Creek Trail Cam Hit List! We have started adding photos to the 2016 Hit List Page and will continue to do so throughout the rest of the summer and fall.

As we’ve begun looking at whitetail photos from the past few weeks, we’ve noticed that some bucks are in the later stages of their summer growth, while others still have a lot of growing to do. Either way, there are already a number deer showing up on camera that have some excellent potential. From the looks of what we’ve captured early on this summer, there are good things in store this season in Pike County, Illinois!

Here are a few of the recent trail cam photos:

To view the rest, please visit the 2016 Hit List page. And be sure to visit occasionally, as we will continue to add photos as they come in. To check out trail camera highlights from the past few years, take a look at our Hit List Hall of Fame.

Our trail camera program is an important part of our summer work here at Hadley Creek Outfitters. We spend a great deal of man hours, fuel and resources to be able to capture quality photos throughout the summer. Not only is it fun to catch a few of these big bucks on camera, but it does play a role in our scouting and hunting strategies as well. For more information on how we use trail cameras, check out our recent article about The Hadley Creek Trail Cam Strategy.

For more information on our trophy whitetail hunts in Pike County, Illinois, check out our Hunting Page. Or give us a call at 217-335-3804 for more details and specific availability.