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Investments & Land

Investments & Land

Investments & Land

Investing in your hunting passion, with trophy deer returns.

If you’re as passionate about trophy deer hunting as we are and have ever considered owning quality recreational and agricultural land for hunting and investment purposes, then I encourage you to look at a unique opportunity for partnering with Hadley Creek.

Partnerships flourish when they work for both parties. Hadley Creek’s arrangement with mostly non-Illinois residents who want the financial and recreational benefits of owning hunting and investment property without the hassle and frustration of long-distance management is truly a win-win proposition. It’s not new, it’s one of the key reasons for our 25 plus years of successful outfitting operation.

It works for our investor landowners because it provides:

A solid investment. A great deal of our success has resulted from our ability to find, evaluate, improve and manage land for both farming and hunting, and our landowner partners benefit from that experience. They receive income from both farming and from Hadley Creek for hunting. And when you consider the Hadley Creek hunting privileges included in the equation it can provide a very attractive ROI. Our minimum qualifying partnership size farm is 160 acres.

Same benefits as Illinois Residents. Illinois non-resident landowners are basically treated the same as residents and among other benefits they are virtually allowed two bucks and guaranteed tags each year. We’ll explain how that works and assist with hunting applications.

Flexibility. Partners are not limited to deer hunting one week per season plus they can hunt turkeys, coyotes and search the woods for sheds and mushrooms.

Turnkey management. Full time experienced staff with expertise in trophy deer habitat, farming, food plots, deer stand layout/installation/maintenance and timber management allows the partner to “just come hunt” if that’s their preference…but a number of partners enjoy a more active role, and they join us throughout the year helping with tasks like preparing and planting food plots.

Quality hunting. The trophy deer hunting quality of Hadley Creek has consistently been second to none in the outfitting industry. Its why we’re the only free-range outfitter we know that’s willing to show the bucks we kill on our website each season. To consistently produce trophy bucks that average 150 plus requires a commitment to detail and a top-quality staff, which we pride ourselves at having at Hadley Creek.

Stability. We’ve been in business continually since 1997. Hadley Creek was founded and has been continually operated and managed by Stacey and Michelle Ward.

It works for Hadley Creek because it provides:

Better Deer Management Opportunities. One of our strengths is the ability to improve a farms deer habitat, carrying capacity and trophy quality and that’s easier to accomplish with partners who almost always have improving deer hunting as a shared goal. Partnership provides a longer relationship than a short-term hunting lease which helps both the investor by increasing the farms value and Hadley Creek by producing more trophy deer.

An important side benefit for Hadley Creek’s improving the hunting quality and investment value of partners farms has been expansion of the partner program. Many if not most of our partners have traded up or bought multiple farms since joining the program.

If you’re interested in learning more about partnering with Hadley Creek, please give me a call or send a message.

If partnering with Hadley Creek doesn’t fit your objectives, we can still help you find the right farm in this area. Give us a call and let’s find out how we can work together. Good Hunting!

Stacey Ward