It’s Farming Season at Hadley Creek Outfitters It’s Farming Season at Hadley Creek Outfitters

Each spring, our crew is busy making upgrades to our facilities, cleaning and organizing tree stands, and getting ready for another great season of whitetail hunting. There’s no “off season” around here. Farming season is already in full swing here in Pike County, Illinois.

Farming SeasonOf course everyone around here thinks Hadley Creek is a pretty special place. We may be a little biased. But one thing that sets us apart from other whitetail outfitters, is that we run a full-time farming operation, with a specific focus on growing trophy deer.

Quality Control

By farming and managing tens of thousands of acres of prime whitetail habitat in Illinois, we control the quality of our hunting ground. We have a full-time farming staff that focuses on the needs of our hunting operation. All decisions, including what we plant, where we plant, and when we harvest, are made through a hunting filter.

Food Plots

Running a full time farming operation with commercial farm equipment means that that we have the best food plots in the business. We’re not making chicken scratches behind a four-wheeler. We are able to plant and grow some serious green fields in very strategic locations.

Farm Layout

The locations of these food plots, locations of tree stands, and other farm layout decisions are something we spend a great deal of time on during the off season. After the hunting season, we sit down with guides and talk about what worked and what didn’t. From there, we can adjust food plot locations, tree stand locations and overall farm layout.

Full Time Guides and Staff

We have a full-time farming staff that focuses on the needs of our hunting operation. The folks who drive the tractors are also guides here at Hadley Creek. Everything they do and the decisions we make are about creating a killer environment for growing and hunting the best free range whitetail deer in the country.

There’s no doubt that controlling our own farms has been a major factor in our whitetail hunting success. It’s a big reason why our trophy quality continues to improve.

If you’d like to learn more about our trophy whitetail hunting in Pike County, Illinois, please explore the rest of our website. For availability or specific questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 217-335-3804 or contact us online.