Illinois Gun Hunts: It’s Archery Hunting with A Gun Illinois Gun Hunts: It’s Archery Hunting with A Gun

When folks ask about our gun hunts in Pike County, Illinois, we say it’s like archery hunting with a gun. One thing is for sure; this is not your average gun hunt.

First, take a moment to consider the number of quality deer that our archery hunters kill every year. Then it’s easy to see why we get excited about the gun hunts. When our gun hunters take to the field, they have the opportunity to hunt an archery managed area, with the extended reach of a shotgun or muzzleloader. It’s a completely unique experience.

Golden Triangle Deer Hunt

Our guides are used to putting hunters close to the deer. When it comes time for gun season, we have an arsenal of tower blind enclosures like Banks, Redneck, Atascosa and Shadow Hunter, plus Redneck hay bale blinds, all in addition to the traditional archery setups.

Gun Hunting BlindSecond, gun hunts are limited in Illinois. There’s a reason that Pike County is known for producing trophy class whitetails. This is one of them. Allowing very few gun-hunting opportunities is an important part of the quality deer management. When you show up on a hunt with a shotgun or a muzzleloader, it’s like holding a lottery ticket.

Finally, the few gun hunts that are offered are restricted to shotguns and muzzleloaders. There is no high-powered rifle season here. Illinois offers two brief gun seasons, and a 3-day muzzleloader-only season.

When you add it all together, it’s a recipe for an extremely fun whitetail hunt. It really is like being able to bow hunt with a gun!

We have a few limited openings for 2018 gun hunts here at Hadley Creek Outfitters. To learn more, please give us a call at 217-335-3804. Or you may send us a message. Please don’t hesitate to call with questions!