Hadley Creek's Unique Farming Strategy Hadley Creek's Unique Farming Strategy

Most whitetail hunters have spent their fair share of time hunting around food plots. Maybe you’ve had an acre or even a small farm with green fields to draw deer and setup strategic stand locations. Over the years at Hadley Creek, we’ve developed our own unique farming strategy.

We’ve developed an approach to land management that drastically changes the way we handle both crops and food plots. In fact, our unique program has allowed us to create an entire network of properties that are farmed and managed for the purpose of creating trophy deer habitat.

The thing that often catches Hadley Creek visitors by surprise, is the scale of operations and the size and intensity of the food plots. This is no DIY home operation behind the barn. Hadley is farming full-time with commercial equipment.

At Hadley Creek Outfitters, deer take center stage. Farms are laid out to create funnels and patterns that allow natural movement between safe cover and food sources. The balance between crops, timber and food plots supports large numbers of mature deer in what is already one of the most productive whitetail areas in the midwest. The Adams County, Pike County and Brown County, “golden triangle” area consistently produces some of the best free range whitetails in the country.


Life without a Typical Lease

Operating food plots at this scale simply is not possible on on a typical lease, and when relying on local farmers. At Hadley Creek, we’ve developed a unique landowner program. We operate a full time, commercial farming operation and manage farms for our “in house” Hadley Creek landowners. This gives us the rare opportunity to manage farms specifically for hunting and for prime whitetail habitat.

As a result, we never worry about showing up to a farm and seeing the crops cut without our knowledge. And our food plots are never an afterthought in the farming strategy. The combination of food, habitat and strategic layouts creates ideal conditions for our guides to put hunters on mature whitetail bucks.


The Perfect Stands and Setups

With large food plots and control over the farming strategy and operations, we then set tree stand and ground blind locations for almost any scenario. No matter the weather, wind or time of year, our guides are able to choose from any number of pre-set locations with carefully manicured shooting lanes.

Food plots, habitat management and blind locations all work together. The ability to hunt with a big picture, long term strategy is a large part of our hunters’ success at Hadley Creek. The incredible number of stand locations on prime food plots and migration corridors will blow you away.


Hunt A Different Farm Each Day

The way we assign hunters to their guides and farms during the hunting season is also unique. And it’s also very popular among our clients. On a typical hunt, you can expect to go with a different guide, to a new farm each day. Unless you specifically request otherwise, you’ll never feel like you’re “stuck” to one specific guide or location.

There’s no doubt that killing a mature, free-range whitetail buck is one of hunting’s greatest challenges. That’s exactly why we love it! We certainly don’t claim to make it easy. But our farms, food plots, stand locations and world-class guides give every one of our hunters the best possible shot at killing that buck of a lifetime!

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