5 Spring Bow Tuning Tips - Hadley Creek Outfitters 5 Spring Bow Tuning Tips - Hadley Creek Outfitters

Spring is a fun time of year for archery hunters. The pressure is off (unless you’re chasing bears and gobblers) and you can play with your bow setup. Take the time to reflect on your previous season, issues you had and things you want to change. Head to your nearest shop to shoot new 2018 models, check discounted models from previous years and browse through the accessories.

Here are 5 quick tips for spring bow tuning: 

1. Check Your String

Most bowstrings last for several years with proper care. It’s prudent practice to check for damage and consider replacing the string well ahead of each season. A bad string can cause permanent damage to your bow. In some cases, bows will simply explode when a string breaks under pressure. It’s not a pretty picture so get a fresh string installed if needed. I feel like a new string takes a bit to break in as well. While there is no evidence of this, the first 20 or so shots just feel different and it takes a bit to get comfortable. 

2. Reset on Draw Length

Anytime you replace a string, do a double check on draw length. Your previous string likely stretched and re-checking length along with minor adjustments to your bow or release will have you dialed down. Make sure your anchor point is consistent and feels good. Shoot a couple dozen rounds and adjust until everything feels great.

3. Play with the Weight

Spring is also a good time to adjust your draw weight. If you want to bump up a few pounds for a bigger game species, get used to the new weight for a few months. If you’re pulling too hard and it’s having a negative effect on accuracy, make a small step down. Now is the time for fine tuning your draw weight, length and shooting style.

4. Cut New Arrows and Match Broadheads

I’m consistent about breaking a few arrows every season. Restock in the spring and make sure you have plenty of matching spares. If I’m changing broadheads, I select those in the spring as well. When hunting season comes around, I won’t have anything to worry about except shooting and hunting. 

5. Accessorize

Lastly, get your accessories in order. Personally, I am changing my sight and shopping for a new quiver this year. I bought a new bow last year and it will stay in use for the year but a few minor changes are desired and they are happening now. Anything that failed or under-performed in the previous season is a candidate for replacement. Do you research, test when possible and practice with your new accessories until shooting your bow is second nature.