Update & Photos from the Illinois Gun Seasons Update & Photos from the Illinois Gun Seasons

With our Illinois gun seasons in the books, we wanted to provide an update and a few recent photos.

The gun seasons this year have been very good. After a hunting season full of crazy weather, the gun seasons have exceeded expectations!

The 2018 hunting season has been a wild ride. It started off with hot temps. And then continued with a crazy amount of rain. In fact, rainfall over he past few months has broken local records. And when it wasn’t raining, we have received significant snowfall.

All that to say, conditions have been challenging to say the least. Our guides and hunters have had to work hard to put some big whitetail deer on the ground. Despite all of these challenges, we’ve taken some great deer this year, as evidenced by our 2018 Season Gallery. Go check it out to see what we’ve accomplished this season.

After all the ups and downs this year, we weren’t sure what to expect when gun seasons arrived. However, the outcome has been pleasantly surprising! Our hunters did extremely well through each of the firearm seasons this year. We’ve killed some great whitetail bucks.

Here are a few recent photos from the 2018 Illinois gun seasons:

Take a minute and view the entire 2018 Season Gallery.

In case you haven’t heard, we recently added dates for two late season January hunts! Go see our previous post for the details. If you have questions about availability for the 2019 season, please don’t hesitate to call us at 217-335-3804. Or you can send us a message.