The Latest in Sitka Whitetail Gear - Hadley Creek Outfitters The Latest in Sitka Whitetail Gear - Hadley Creek Outfitters

It has been more than a decade since Sitka Gear revolutionized the way manufacturers approach hunting clothing. After releasing their inaugural hunting line in 2005, it provided a much-needed disruptive change to the hunting apparel industry.

Typically, industries like skiing and mountaineering have been responsible for developing the best technologies in fabrics and performance outdoor wear. Whether it’s base layers, insulation or waterproof items, the hunting industry was miles behind. In hindsight, it’s amazing to think that technical clothing for hunters scarcely existed.

Sitka now offers the best technology in outdoor clothing for western big game, whitetail and waterfowl hunters. Last year in 2015, Sitka made huge strides in its whitetail system and we think it has become a difference maker for hardcore whitetail hunters.

The Latest in Sitka Whitetail GearThe most significant upgrade to Sitka’s whitetail lineup last year was a new camouflage pattern. The first Optifade Elevated pattern relied on the animal vision research from Dr. Jay Neitz and the camouflage expertise of West Point professor, Lieutenant Colonel Tim O’Neill. The new Elevated II pattern has proven to be more effective in two primary ways.

First, if you were familiar with the first Elevated pattern, you’ll immediately notice a change in color focus. With more elements of sky and a diminished focus on foliage, the new pattern becomes more versatile as fall changes into winter.

Second, the new Elevated II pattern applies a sharper contrast in the macro pattern. The use of both macro and micro patterns allows a pattern to conceal hunters at both long and short distances. When they sharpened the contrast on the macro pattern, Sitka was able to reduce the “blob” effect and make their Whitetail pattern more effective and long distances. At the same time, they have maintained consistency in the micro pattern, keeping it very effective at close distances. Overall, we have seen the new Elevated II provide much more versatility for hunters.

Whether sweating in the early season heat or trying to stay warm on a frigid late season sit, Sitka offers the technology in high performance gear that will allow you to stay longer, stay comfortable and stay focused on the hunt. When chasing big, smart old deer like we do here in Illinois, you know that every single opportunity counts. Any edge you can give yourself is an edge worth having.

For help deciding on the right system for your hunt, check out Sitka’s System Builder. Or for more info on whitetail hunts here in Pike County, Illinois, please call or send us a message.