Summer Whitetail Recipes - Hadley Creek Outfitters Summer Whitetail Recipes - Hadley Creek Outfitters

As the summer heat turns up, the desire to make whitetail stew and chili tends to turn down. The hot and hearty winter dishes don’t always mix well under the scorching sun. Here are a few great options for preparing your game until the next cold front hits.

Seared Salads

Try a fresh and healthy approach with seared venison on a salad. Cut into thin strips and sear in a frying pan. Medium rare is ideal here. You can use a favorite marinade or simply salt, pepper and cook in oil. Obviously, the higher grade cuts are ideal but you can make use of trim pieces off roasts and even the front shoulders. Allow the meat to cool before placing on a bed of fresh greens. Add onion, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, avocado and parmesan. Venison easily adapts to your favorite salad recipes.

Grill Time


Summer means grilling so throw some beers on ice and get out the charcoal. Grilled tenderloin or backstrap is a real treat when done properly. Use your favorite marinade or simply rub in salt, pepper and oil before grilling. You can grill whole or cut into individual steaks. Get the grill very hot before starting the steaks and cook them fast. Individual steaks typically require only a few minutes on each side. Keep them rare, then let them rest until medium-rare. Add a side salad or potato salad, corn and a few friends for a great summer cookout.


Kebabs are also an easy option for the grill. Cube the meat and alternate on a skewer with mushrooms, bell peppers, onion and zucchini. You can cube the prime cuts, hind roasts or front should. Use a marinade to tenderize and add flavor. I also like to marinade the mushrooms for kebabs. Balsamic, olive oil, salt and pepper does the trick.


Put your grind pile to good use on the grill this summer. Burgers are easy and the skittish game eaters will gobble them up like they do with beef. I like to mix in 10-15 percent pork fat to help them bind together nicely. Add diced onion, an egg and salt and pepper to really make them juicy and well formed. Diced jalapenos are also nice for those with a spicy pallet. Cook them fast and medium for the perfect burger.

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