Late Season Hunting Recap Late Season Hunting Recap

It has been a heck of a hunting season here in Illinois. The weather presented its share of challenges, especially early in the season. But as we now look back at the 2018 Season Gallery, we are very proud. Our hunters took some great deer, and our guides put in a ton of hard work to make it happen.

The late season hunts were also challenging, but we had a great time. Killing big free-range bucks this time of year is as difficult as it gets. But our guides and hunters put in the effort,  and we were glad to see some nice bucks hit the ground.

Check out these bucks from our late season hunt:

Among the bucks killed on our late season hunt, was an unusual buck still in velvet. It’s now being referred to around here as the “snow monster”. We had trail cam photos of this buck from two years ago but hadn’t seen him since then. Then all of a sudden, he showed up during a storm that dropped 24″ of snow. This buck has incredible mass and the biggest bases we’ve ever seen here in the Adams, Brown and Pike County area. We will share more on this specific story in an upcoming blog post. Keep an eye out for that.


That brings an end to the hunting season. And we want to extend a big “thank you!” to everyone who came out and hunted with us this year. It was a pleasure meeting each of you. We hope to see you back here in Illinois for another free-range whitetail hunt.

As we move full speed ahead toward the 2019 season, there will be very little downtime around here. We will be busy evaluating stand locations to determine what worked and what didn’t this past season. We will work on any necessary changes to our farm and food plot layouts. And before we know it, we will be busy with the farming operation.

In fact, having our own full-time farming operation is a large part of what makes us different as a free-range whitetail-hunting outfitter. Unlike many outfitters who rely on leases from local farmers, we are able to plan our farms and our hunting strategies simultaneously.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a partner in our land ownership program, or our 2019 fall deer hunts, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call us now at 217-335-3804.

Whether you’re interested in investing in your whitetail hunting property, or you just want to come experience a deer hunt in the renowned “golden triangle” area of Illinois, we’d love to help you plan your next adventure.

Again, you can send us a message online, or give us a call in the office at 217-335-3804.