Investing In Your Passion…With Many “Deer” Returns - Hadley Creek Outfitters Investing In Your Passion…With Many “Deer” Returns - Hadley Creek Outfitters

If you’re as passionate about trophy deer hunting as we are, this is the time of year you naturally begin thinking more and more about antler growth, food plots, trail-cam photos, tree stands and the hunting season that’s just a few short months ahead. If, like us, you love the out of doors, enjoy the industry and long for more than one quality week of hunting a year, this message may be of interest to you as we have a number of ways for you to partner with us and become part of the Hadley Creek family.

108_BDP33607For those of you who have hunted at Hadley you recognize it’s rare that we have time to do much more during the hunting season other than concentrate on putting bucks on the ground for our clients. We briefly mention investment opportunities in our orientation meetings but to those who show interest we provide a short overview, ask them to concentrate on their hunt, and try and set a time after the season to follow up with details. So now is a great time to check out these opportunities before the start of the hunting season.

Hunting and Agricultural Land Investment Opportunities

We’re frequently asked how we’re able to put the tremendous number of acres of prime Illinois ground into our operation and continue to upgrade our land quality year after year. One way it’s accomplished is by working with individuals, mostly non-residents, who want the benefits of owning hunting and investment property without the typical hassle (and frustration) of long range farm management. As important, they want someone who will farm and manage their property turn-key, and farm and manage it for trophy deer and hunting.

096_IMG_4011Our Hadley Creek livelihood is dependent on our ability to find, evaluate, improve and manage land for both farming and deer hunting. It’s what we do, and we’re very good at it. By utilizing our modern full line of farm equipment, full time employees, expertise in farming, trophy deer habitat, food plot and timber management, deer stand layout, installation and maintenance; we help people realize both their recreational land and investment goals.

We’re not real estate agents. We have excellent working relationships with agents and brokers in the area, and we use them when the situation calls for it, but we also work directly with owners and we never receive or split commissions. We keep our finger on the pulse of the land market and work with farms ranging from eighty up to several thousand acres in size. They range from all or heavily timbered to more evenly split between tillable ground and timber, to heavily tillable depending upon what a person’s looking for in terms of hunting and investment return.

Our four primary strengths are: 1) A unique ability to help potential buyers define both their financial/investment and recreational/hunting objectives. 2) To find farms that can meet those goals. 3) To put together a farming and hunting plan that meets the investment and hunting goals. 4) To provide efficient and effective turnkey/carefree management services.

The following are examples of two Hadley Creek managed farms that are currently available for sale.

IL149_F6910_T18276 (1)

80 Acres

IL149_F416_T1122 (1)

159 Acres









Non-Land Ownership Opportunities

If you’re looking for a deeper Hadley Creek relationship and more hunting opportunities, without land ownership, Hadley is in the process of finalizing unique partnering program opportunities that provide these benefits.

This will be our twentieth year of operation. We’ve thrived in the good and normal years and survived in the tough ones (when others failed) because we’re dedicated, committed and we’re a bit more innovative in the way we approach our business. Check out our partnering programs and we think you’ll find that’s true. We think if you’ll invest a few minutes, you’ll find a good return.

If you’d like to learn more about Land Investment or the new Non-Land Partnering opportunities at Hadley Creek, give us a call at 217-335-3804 and we’ll provide details.   And if by chance you haven’t reserved your hunt for this fall, now is the time to get that done as well.

Thanks, and good hunting.

Stacey Ward and Allen Blevins