Invest In Your Whitetail Passion: Illinois Hunting Property Invest In Your Whitetail Passion: Illinois Hunting Property

For those of you who are as passionate about trophy whitetail deer hunting as we are and long for more than one week of quality deer hunting a year, this message may be of interest to you. And if you’ve ever entertained the idea of investing in prime Illinois hunting property, but shied away due to long distance management concerns, this message is definitely one you’ll want to pay attention to.

If you’ve hunted with us you’ve heard us mention land investment opportunities in our orientation meetings. It’s rare we have time during the season to provide more than a brief overview as hunters are 100% focused on hunting and we’re 100% concentrating on putting bucks in front of them. So if you asked about investing in land while you were here, we’re getting back to you… and if you weren’t here or didn’t ask, we’re inviting you to take a look at the opportunities that hunting and agricultural land investments provide and to consider partnering with us at Hadley Creek Outfitters.

Partnering With Hadley Creek Outfitters

We are frequently asked how we’re able to put the large number of acres of prime Illinois hunting property into our operation and continue to upgrade our land quality year after year. One way it’s accomplished is by working with individuals, most Illinois non- residents, who want the benefits of owning hunting and investment property without the typical hassle (and frustration) of long range farm management. As important, they want someone who will farm and manage their property turn-key, and farm and manage it for trophy deer and hunting.

Our Hadley Creek livelihood is dependent on our ability to find, evaluate, improve and manage land for both farming and deer hunting. It’s what we do, and we’re good at it. By utilizing our full time employees, expertise in farming, trophy deer habitat, food plot and timber management, deer stand layout, installation and maintenance, we help people realize both their recreational land and investment goals.
We’re not real estate agents. We have excellent working relationships with agents and brokers in the area, and we use them when the situation calls for it, but we also work directly with land owners.

Our four primary strengths are: 1) A unique ability to help potential buyers define both their financial/investment and recreational/hunting objectives. 2) To find farms that can meet those goals. 3) To put together a farming and hunting plan that meets the investment and hunting goals and 4) to provide efficient and effective turnkey/carefree management services.

We keep our finger on the pulse of the land market and work with farms ranging from eighty up to several thousand acres in size. The properties range from all or heavily timbered to more evenly split between tillable ground and timber, to heavily tillable depending upon a person’s hunting and investment objectives.

No two farms are the same, no two investors hunting or financial goals are identical, and as a result, every Hadley Creek management agreement is tailored to the specific needs of each individual land investment partner.

Following are two examples of Hadley Creek managed properties that are currently available. Note that the trail-cam and harvest photos we’re showing are from these particular farms.

80 Acres Southern Adams County

This 80 acre Southern Adams County farm was managed by Hadley for the first time in 2016 and we loaded it with food including brassicas, wheat and corn. It has seventeen tillable acres, mature timber, good bedding areas and a constant running stream. Good access is provided on both the north and south sides. A key advantage is that this property connects with farms that are trophy managed and lightly hunted. Our food plots drew good numbers of deer (and lots of turkeys) from late summer through mid-January and we captured shooter bucks on trail cameras in each season including early archery, the rut, firearm and late season bow. This 80-acre hunting property also includes a small, neat, clean hunting camp with electric and septic.

Illinois Hunting Property

158 Acres Pike County

This 158 acre Pike County farm has been managed by Hadley for two years and it’s surrounded by other Hadley managed farms providing a block of several hundred Hadley managed acres. It’s in a proven trophy buck area and this particular farm produces above average kills and above average sized bucks. It holds deer from early to late season, and year round. The property has sixty-three CRP acres that are in waist-high switch grass, two ponds and twenty stand sites. There are six established clover, brassica and soybean food plots strategically placed within the CRP and timber. It’s been one of the most consistent big buck producing properties.

Hunting Property in Pike County

These farms are available, but they are only two examples. We have a number of different properties to meet different needs. If you’re at all interested in investing in your passion and would consider owning a farm in Illinois, call me at 217-335-3804. To learn more about us, you can also explore the rest of our website at

Thank you for your time and your interest!

Stacey Ward
Hadley Creek Outfitters
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