The Giant Whitetails That Made it Through Hunting Season The Giant Whitetails That Made it Through Hunting Season

We’d like to brag for just a moment on our 2017 Season Gallery! Seriously, if you haven’t looked, check out the number of quality deer that our hunters took last year. The only thing better, is the fact that a bunch of our giant whitetails made it through the hunting season!

Our hunters and guides saw a ton of good-looking 3.5 and 4.5-year-old deer this past season. Many of those bucks will be immediate shooters next year. We are already dying for the 2018 season to arrive.

In addition to those outstanding deer we passed on, there a ton of big carryover deer that weren’t intentionally passed up. In fact, we probably didn’t kill more than a third of the deer on our 2017 Hit List. That means tere are still a pile of big deer on these farms.

You may remember this giant buck that we had summer footage of. We later caught him again on camera just before the season opener. This is one of many that made it through the season:

That deer would have easily surpassed 200-inches this year. If he can manage to stay away from cars and the rest, he’s going to be an absolute monster next season.

Next, you might remember seeing a photo and trail cam video of this stud 8-point. We captured him a few times on camera leading up to the season. But he also managed to slip through the season unscathed.

Check out the video:

To say that we’re looking forward to the 2018 hunting season would be a gross understatement. Our farms and deer are in excellent shape heading into the New Year.

If you’d like to talk to us about a 2018 hunt for totally free-range, giant whitetails, please call soon. We’re already booking up for the 2018 season and looking into 2019 on reservations. You can call us now at 217-335-3804 or send us a message.