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By Will Jenkins

There are few items that I purchase for hunting that last more than a few years and are used year round for more than just hunting. One item that has stood up to 5 years of abuse from both home use and hunting use is the Wicked Tree Gear Wicked Tough Hand Saw.

I got the hand saw shortly after they came out about 5 years ago. In the 2 years prior I had gone through 4 folding hand saws and was fed up with not only them breaking, but hurting myself with broken saws. As soon as the Wicked Tough saw arrived I knew it was a game changer. The blade opens smoothly and locks solid in place, the rubberized grip fit my hand perfectly and blade stiff but slightly flexible to avoid breaks.

wicked-4Now, 5 years later the saw has been used for deer hunting, turkey hunting and loads of lawn maintenance. It’s been dropped in creeks, left in the rain, dropped on hard surfaces and it’s still super sharp and makes an easy cut.

Todd Pringnitz who came up with this great saw is an avid hunter and host of White Knuckle Productions and Whiteails Inc. The product was born out of the same frustration I experienced, except Todd is an accomplished designer and after years of working on it, the Wicked Tough Hand Saw was born.

The Wicked Tough Hand Saw is backed by a lifetime warranty excluding the blade which is easily replaced. That said, in 5 years I’m still on the original blade, and have never feared breaking it.

The Wicked Tough Hand Saw rings in at $39.99. While it’s definitely more expensive than most of the folding hand saws on the market it’s hardly a premium, especially if you’re buying one or two a year because of failures. It is noticeably heavier than many of the plastic options with thinner blades but the cast aluminum body and hardened hardware earn their weight by being impossibly reliable.

In the end, $40 is nothing compared to the value this saw brings. Whether it’s clearing trails and shooting lanes, brushing in a blind or just trimming the trees in your yard, you can’t beat the Wicked Tough Tree Saw.

[Full Disclosure: This not a requested review or endorsement of the product. This is not a paid advertisement]