Illinois Whitetail Deer Hunts

We offer fully guided archery and firearm hunts on many thousands of quality managed acres of Illinois best whitetail ground. Many of our properties are contiguous thus providing several thousand acres of connected blocks of ground that we've trophy managed for multiple years. Our ground averages 65% timber 35% agricultural with hundreds of specialized food plots including corn, soybeans, clover, Biologic, turnips, Frigid Forage, and Buck Forage Oats specifically for our deer. We hunt from over 4,000 top-of-the-line loc-on, ladder, ground blind, and elevated box stand sites strategically placed stands for all wind directions.

Our Most Important Deer Management Tool. Consistently producing trophy bucks for our clients take quality land with minimal hunting pressure and our ground has been under quality deer management for years… but letting our two and three year old bucks walk each year is the real key to the success of Hadley Creek's operation. To accomplish that we strictly enforce a 140 (gross) minimum on our hunts with a $1,000 fee for bucks that fall below that standard.

Trophy deer hunting takes plenty of productive land and minimal hunting pressure. It also takes experienced, seasoned guides to put hunters in position for the great bucks our area is famous for. A question asked of every outfitter is whether guides compete with clients by hunting themselves. In earlier years our guides were allowed to selectively hunt their off days. Now, Hadley Creek guides are not allowed to hunt and they are paid a bonus for each qualifying buck their client kills. Each of our guides is assigned farms that they guide on exclusively. Most have guided on the same farms for several years.

Hadley Creek hunters are not assigned a guide or farm for the week...each day they hunt different properties with different guides... and they don't return to the same farm or stand unless they ask to do so. It's a great system that allows hunters to experience multiple properties but gives them the flexibility to concentrate on a particular buck or hot farm if they so choose. Our clients tell us it's one of the reasons why many of our hunters each year are repeats from previous seasons.

Early Season and Pre-Rut Bowhunting. Early season and pre-rut archery hunting is a Hadley Creek specialty and we kill as big of bucks early season as we do during the rut. The deer haven't been pressured, they are relating to food and can be patterned. October weather is usually comfortable and it's never a bad idea to be on the front end of the hunting season. We plant food plots exclusively for early season hunting including Whitetail Imperial Clover, Buck Forage Oats and Mossy Oak Biologic products.

A typical early season hunt will include morning and evening sits on different farms and stand sites each session. They will be on-or-near food (including acorns in timber) or in travel corridors to/from bedding areas depending on current conditions. Our advantage is having an abundance of quality ground which allows us to move hunters in and out of prime early season hunting situations without disturbing the deer.

Archery Rut. You won't experience the "rut" anywhere else like you will at Hadley Creek. The high deer density, positive buck to doe ratio, solid age class structure, low hunting pressure, and excellent stand locations combine to make it as good-as-it gets. These are the bowhunts that fill first each year, and for good reason as shot opportunity at 140 plus bucks during the rut averages 150%.

Firearm-Shotgun Slug/Muzzleloader. Hadley Creek offers a three day first season and four day second season firearm hunt where choice of weapon is shotgun slug, muzzleloader or pistol. These popular and successful hunts utilize tree stands, ground blinds and elevated box blinds.

Firearm-Muzzleloader. Illinois has a December three day muzzleloader only season and Hadley Creek offers a black powder hunt during that period. We hunt timber and food sources depending on conditions.

Firearms-Special Youth Hunt. Illinois has now opened its early season firearm youth deer hunt to non-residents providing a tremendous opportunity for you to introduce your child or grandchild to deer hunting. It's a three day Saturday-Monday hunt in early October. The weather is comfortable, the family atmosphere is excellent, the price is right and the chances for success are very good.