Pike County Illinois Semi Guided Deer Hunts

Hadley Creek offers self-guided hunts for experienced deer hunters who enjoy the challenge of reading the land, making decisions and hunting on their own. We introduced them on a limited basis in 2009 when we were convinced we could run self-guided hunts the Hadley Creek way with top quality trophy managed land and low hunting pressure. Hunter feedback and success has been excellent as we've had an 80 plus percent shot opportunity rate on qualifying bucks and a rebooking rate topping 60%. Our largest self-guided deer to date is a 208 7/8" buck taken the first week of the 2010 archery season. While our self-guided success rate isn't as high as on Hadley's fully guided hunts, they are consistently higher than most of our competitors guided offerings.

Our self-guided hunts provide:

Quality Ground: An average of 100 acres per hunter on some of the finest whitetail ground that Illinois has to offer... trophy managed farms averaging 70% timber 30% crops and food plots.

Limited Pressure: Self-guided farms aren't hunted week-to-week meaning that no one will hunt the farm the week before you get here... or the week after you leave. It takes twice the amount of ground to run our hunts this way but it's the only way to consistently deliver the quality hunting experience and trophy potential Hadley Creek Outfitters is well known for.

140 Minimum: All Hadley Creek ground is under a 140 (gross) minimum harvest restriction and a $1,000 fee is charged for bucks that fail to reach that standard. We don't call it a penalty as we realize that a 130 class buck is a trophy in many parts of the country... but the minimum is in place and enforced to protect our younger bucks. It's one of the primary reasons our trophy quality continues to improve each year. There is no fee for bucks grossing over 140.

Stands and Recovery Assistance: All self-guided farms have stands in place, both top-of-the-line loc-on's and ladders. Hunters are still encouraged to bring their own as we don't cover every location possibility. Having stands set and trimmed gives hunters a head start learning the property, it makes their first day productive and it keeps the pressure off the farms. We also provide assistance with deer recovery.

Guest Lodging: Self-guided prices include lodging and our self-guided lodges are upscale, modern, comfortable, and nicely appointed. Other than the first evening when a dinner is included with our pre-hunt orientation, meals are not included but our lodges have two full kitchens with regular and microwave ovens, and two gas grilles that are available for your use plus there are restaurants in the area.

Not Included: In addition to meals, self-guided hunts do not include daily guide service, field dressing, trophy preparation or transportation during the hunt.

Hadley Creek self-guided hunts are less expensive than our fully-guided trips, but they aren't "cheap" hunts. They are high quality hunts that are priced to keep hunting pressure light and success rates high. While they are self-guided, we have full-time guides dedicated to the operation. They know the farms and are available to provide advice as our goal is to make your hunt as enjoyable and successful as possible. If you're an experienced whitetail hunter who enjoys the challenge of reading the land and matching wits with trophy bucks one on one, a Hadley Creek self-guided hunt may be perfect for you. A $500 deposit is due upon booking and holds your hunt dates. One half of the hunt price is due April 30 and the balance is due three weeks prior to the hunt. Rates and dates are as follows.

2013 Self Guided Hunts
Deer Hunts Cost Days
Archery Pre-Rut
Oct 01-Oct 06 $2,000 6 days
Oct 07-Oct 11 $1,400 5 days
Oct 12-Oct 16 $1,400 5 days
Oct 17-Oct 22 $2,000 6 days
Oct 23-Oct 28 $2,400 6 days
Archery Prime Rut
Oct 29-Nov 03 $3,000 6 days
Nov 04-Nov 09 $3,000 6 days
Nov 10-Nov 15 $3,000 6 days
Nov 16-Nov 21 $3,000 6 days
November 26-Dec 01 $2,000 6 days
Deer Hunts Cost Days
Firearms 1st Season
Nov 22-Nov 24
$2,900 3 days
Firearms 2nd Season
Dec 05-Dec 08
$2,400 4 days
Muzzleloader Season
Dec 13 - Dec 15
$1,500 3 days